Acoustical Testing

RML Acoustics has the precision grade instrumentation, technical knowledge and experience needed to carry out all types of acoustical testing in strict accordance with applicable ASTM and ANSI standards, including:

  • Airborne sound reduction of walls, floor/ceilings, doors, windows, and building façade elements (ASTC, NIC, NNIC, OITC, DTC etc).
  • Impact sound reduction of floor/ceiling assemblies (AIIC, NISR, etc). Please visit our FAQs page for more on AIIC tests, including a video of a typical field test.
  • Airborne sound levels (dBA, dBC, Leq, L10, etc) for compliance with noise ordinance sound level limits, manufacturer’s sound level limits for equipment, LEED for Schools requirements, Sustainable Sites Initiative measurements, etc.
  • Airborne sound levels to document background noise criteria (NC, RC, dBA, dBC) in rooms due to mechanical systems.
  • Room acoustics measurements (reverberation time, impulse responses, etc.) to document compliance with LEED for Schools, project criteria, or other requirements.
  • Sound level measurements of transportation noise to meet the requirements of HUD, DOT, FAA, and other government or regulatory agencies.

Acoustical measurements are also made as part of the diagnostics process to identify and quantify noise problems in existing buildings or the environment.  This could include:

  • Acoustical testing of wall and floor/ceiling assemblies to determine solutions for improved acoustical privacy.
  • Measuring noise and vibration levels or specific tones from building mechanical equipment to develop effective noise and vibration control solutions.
  • Taking acoustical measurements within rooms to identify acoustical issues such as excessive reverberation, noise, and sound focusing in rooms such as auditoria, music rehearsal spaces, large lobbies or dining halls and other spaces and to form the basis of acoustic design recommendations for improved acoustical quality.
ASTC Tests in a Residence

Sound Transmission Field Tests (ASTC)

Floor Tapping Tests (AIIC)

Floor Tapping Tests (AIIC)(click here for a short video of a typical test)

Acoustical Field Testing of a Sliding Glass Door (OITC)

Acoustical Field Testing of a Sliding Glass Door (OITC)