Expert Witness

Principal Consultant Rob Lilkendey has extensive experience providing acoustical expert witness testimony at trials, quasi-judicial hearings, city and county commission hearings, planning and zoning meetings, etc., related to findings from acoustical studies conducted on behalf of the Clients or as a reviewer of studies conducted by others. Most often these projects involve community noise issues, land planning/compatibility issues, eminent domain issues, and disputes involving noise in multi-family residential buildings. Rob has been deemed an acoustical expert at trial in Hillsborough County, Miami-Dade County, Sarasota County, and Charlotte County, as well as at quasi-judicial hearings in many cities and counties throughout Florida.

Rob’s skills as an acoustical expert witness include:

    • A thorough knowledge of the fundamental principles of acoustics, outdoor sound propagation, building acoustics, community noise regulations, acoustical criteria established by various governmental agencies, noise control products and systems, and the human perception of sound and reaction to noise;
    • The ability to design experiments and develop acoustical measurement procedures to extract the most pertinent data from complex real-life situations where conventional methods may fail;
    • The technical expertise to set up and operate sophisticated data acquisition systems and measurement devices tailored to the project;
    • The ability to analyze the data and produce simple, concise reports of acoustical findings and recommendations; and, most importantly,
    • The ability to reduce complex acoustical issues that are often quite foreign to the layman into straightforward concepts that are easily understood, often through the use of simple, yet powerful graphical aids.