Project Types

RML Acoustics provides acoustical consulting services for wide variety of architectural, mechanical, and environmental projects.  Some projects, such as Hospitals and Schools, may combine multiple services, including:

  • architectural acoustic design (walls, floor/ceiling assemblies, main lobby acoustics, etc.)
  • mechanical system design (HVAC systems, rooftop mechanical equipment, etc.)
  • environmental acoustic assessment/design (loading dock noise, energy plant noise, etc)
  • post-construction acoustical measurements/testing (for FGI or LEED compliance).

Acoustical Design
(Architectural + M/E/P)

  • Multi-family residential and Mixed-Use buildings (high-rise and low-rise)
  • Hotels/resorts/country clubs
  • Schools (K-12 and Collegiate)
  • Hospitals
  • Performing Arts facilities
  • Weapons training facilities
  • Restaurants, bars/nightclubs
  • Office/commercial buildings
  • Courthouses
  • Private Residences

Environmental Noise Control

  • Energy plants, utility plants
  • Industrial
  • Concrete batch plants, lime rock mining, etc.
  • Outdoor amphitheaters
  • Multi-family housing near a highway
  • Restaurants with amplified music
  • Gun ranges (indoor or outdoor), skeet shooting ranges, etc.
  • Loading docks
  • Transportation noise
  • Recetracks  (auto, motocross, etc.)
  • Commercial or private buildings of any type with emergency generators, air-cooled chillers, rooftop mechanical equipment or other large noise generating equipment or processes

Noise Control / Vibration Isolation

  • MEP Noise Control and Vibration Isolation: Building noise and vibration from all types of mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment
  • Architectural Noise Control: Sound transmission through building elements such as interior walls, doors, and floor/ceiling assemblies and exterior walls, doors, and windows
  • Industrial Noise Control: Control of noise in any industrial setting through the use of acoustical barriers, equipment enclosures, room acoustic treatment, equipment modification, duct silencing, vibration isolation, etc., to reduce worker’s noise exposure or meet project noise criteria or municipal sound level limits

Field Testing/Measurement

  • Acoustical performance of building elements
  • Background noise levels in rooms
  • Outdoor equipment and transportation sound levels
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment noise levels
  • Room acoustics measurements

Expert Witness

  • All of the project types listed above could have an expert witness component
  • Typically environmental noise projects and multi-family/mixed-use buildings